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In 2006, in the middle of a backpacking trip through 13 countries on the African continent, we walked into a small Kenyan village, and never left. Although we couldn't stay, our hearts have remained there with them ever since and "Hope 4 Help" was born. 

We were lucky to have been there at the beginning to see each donation made, making a difference in the lives of not only this school but also the whole community. We have never seen such a community bring in two strange girls and let them into all facets of their life. We met families, we traveled to distant relatives just to say hello and most importantly we saw more love and generosity than we have ever seen in our lives. It will be impossible to forget the lessons they taught us.  

This small Kenyan Village, called Maweni put complete faith in us as teachers, even though we had little to no training, and had yet to properly pronounce a word in Kiswahili! They trusted us with the lives and education of their future. Their children. The beautiful, hardworking ladies who made lunch everyday graciously let us help and only smiled if we did anything the “strange Canadian way”. We rolled up our shirt-sleeves and learned how to build a classroom from only the wood and leaves around us. We learned to appreciate their land and their love and faith in it. 

But it was the children who were the most beautiful sight to wake up to every morning. There are no words to describe these children, their hard work and their never disappearing smiles. We are just privileged to be a part of their lives. Although we were able to make a difference in their lives with money, they showed us the true meaning of life with love. We are the lucky ones.

With Love,

Kadzo & Karembo

(Amy & Kristy Hawke)

These are the Kenyan names they gave us meaning "The Good" and "The Beautiful" (we think we will keep them!)


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