What We Do

The Daily Food Programme


Feeding over 1,200 Children and School Staff a hot meal everyday costs about $1,500 every month. That is only $1.25 per child. 

The Baharini-Bryson Greenhouse


A fully-operating greenhouse, that is part of the school curriculum, with all  profits rolling back into the Food Programme.

The Chicken Coop


In 2017, George Peck P.S wanted to do something good. Raise money for a chicken coop. And so we danced the "Chicken Dance" for 2 hours.

Future Building Projects


To better Baharini Primary School, a Dining Hall, Permanent Kitchen and Future Secondary School are all in the plans...

How YOU can Help


As the saying goes " It takes a Village to Raise a Child"...and that is exactly what our family of supporters are to us. Thank you.

H4H Facts


Hope 4 Help has been going strong for 13 years with the help of some amazing people. Check out how it all got started....

The Daily Food Programme


We believe that every child has the right to a hot meal. Even in our own countries, we see this right violated. But when you see it  affecting almost every other child in one village, you have the ability to help. 

Right now the Daily Food Programme feeds the entire Baharini Primary School children and staff a hot lunch meal once a day. This cost is less than $1.25 per child.

Want to help?

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All children, teachers and volunteers receive one hot meal consisting of rice & beans or maize & beans daily. These are the two most filling combinations to curb hunger for longer. 

Monthly donation sent includes; 

Cost for Food, Cook Wage, Firewood and base supplies

The Food Programme is supported through Hope 4 Help and Dr. Hanz  Meisemann (Germany). Hope 4 Help pays out an estimated $1,500 CDN per month for one meal/day/child.

Supplies Needed Outside of Food Costs

  • Sufurias @ kshs 6,000 for cooking (2 required) = $75 CDN
  • b) 1000 plates @ kshs 40 per plate Ksh 40,000 = $495 CDN
  • c) 1000 mugs @ kshs 30 per mug Ksh 30,000 = $370 CDN
  • d) 20 water jugs @ kshs 200 per jug Ksh 4,000 = $50 CDN
  • e) 1000 pieces spoons @ Kshs 20 each Ksh 20,000 = $250 CDN
  • f) Firewood (estimate per month) @ ksh 4,000 = $50 CDN

Future Hopes?

Typically, this is the only meal of the day for most of the children.  Ideally we would love to have a Breakfast Program implemented, and are consistently looking for partners and sourcing out costs for Porridge, which would be a great start to  the day for most children.

An example of a Breakfast Porridge could consist of; Millet, Sorghum, Maize and Groundnuts

Future Building Projects

Baharini Kitchen - Estimate of 850,000 kes = Approx. $10,600 Cdn


Currently, the kitchen is semi-permanent, and not ideal for inclement  weather. A fully enclosed cement kitchen would be required for sanitary  food preparation and ventilation.

Baharini Dining Hall – Estimate of 800,000 kes = Approx. $10,000 Cdn


The children have no space to eat, and typically eat outside on the  ground during lunch. Having a dining hall, will help with organization, food safety and children not eating on the dusty ground.

Lawrence Dena Secondary School: Estimate of 2,350,000 kes = Approx. $29,500 Cdn


The secondary school will be composed of 4 Classrooms, Administration Block, School Toilet, Laboratory Block and a School Hall. The above cost is inclusive of only 2 classrooms.

The Baharini Chicken Coop


Chicken Dancing for Charity

In May of 2017, the children of George Peck Public School and their teacher Sanjai Kumar, came up with a GREAT idea to raise money for a Chicken Coop at Baharini Primary School in Kenya! They would dance the "Chicken Dance" song for 2 hours straight! The whole school participated and the energy in that gym was MAGICAL!



The result! The kids danced their way to $1,200...enough funds to build the chicken coop at the Baharini Bryson Greenhouse at Baharini Primary School! 


What The Chicken Coop Means

Buying a chicken in Kenya is relatively cheap, and once you get your flock started, chicks can be sold from between Sh100 and Sh115. Crates of eggs can sell for Sh290 to an established market. These profits are purposed to roll back into the Daily Food Programme and Greenhouse Costs to provide a more self-sustainable platform for the Daily Food  Programme itself. 

The Baharini-Bryson Greenhouse

Total Cost and Overview: 508,250 kes = Approx $6,000 Cdn


With the land generously donated by the Dena Family, (Locals of Mtwapa Village themselves - and Hope 4 Help's On-the-Ground Manager)....the next purchase  to "GROW BAHARINI" was a Greenhouse Kit! The Kit was purchased and installed over a course of a year, comprising of a 500 L water tank,  irrigation drip lines, plastic sheet, seeds and chemicals. The plot of land can grow 1,000 plants, and this initiative was placed in the student curriculum to help create and understand self-sustainability.

The Greenhouse was erected January 16th, 2013

Currently, students from Class 3-8 are participating in learning about the Greenhouse.

The Baharini-Bryson Greenhouse – Operating Costs
As this initiative is constantly "growing", there are costs to maintain the upkeep, including the wages of the manager and caretaker, seedlings and fertilizers.
Monthly estimates for upkeep and general management are Approximately 40,000 Kes = $475 Cdn


The Beginning of Hope

Tumaini Then 2006-2008


The original makeshift school called Tumaini Community Orphan School  was our first introduction to the village and children we have come to love. Starting with 311 students, “the little school that could” had heart!

Under the Village Development Committee situated in Maweni Village itself, Tumaini was a center for a  period of time to train children in scouts, girl guides, and girls and boys football. The V.D.C. provided a piece of land, designated for any village development projects. On this land, Tumaini Community Orphan School was created (Tumaini means “Hope” in  Kiswahili).  Operating without sufficient working materials for their first year.  Lacking in construction of proper classrooms, toilets, desks, tables, chairs, textbooks for children, teaching guides and most stationery  items, among many more. The most important of all these factors lacking,  was food. Without food, children would not attend school due to their  lack of energy.

Hope 4 Help, along with many other wonderful donors, aided Tumaini  starting in 2006, building the foundation for a safe learning  environment that would eventually become a mainstay in the village of  Maweni.

Baharini Now - 2009-2019


A school literally only a few hundred feet away from Tumaini, Baharini  Primary School (meaning “By The Sea”) opened its doors in January 2006 as well. A primary school that was built by the parents of the village, and a local business Doshi & Company Hardware Ltd., Baharini had a  good start. With only 20 students registered when their doors first  opened, Baharini grew to over 400 students in their first year.
In January of 2009, we (the village committee and Hope 4 Help) decided to give Maweni Village a united front. With the union of the two schools, almost 1000 children were joined and could achieve more than either of us could on our own. Baharini is now a government supported primary school secured on 5 acres of community land, and has full support of  the community.
All decisions regarding the school require full approval of the board  council, as well as members, and parents of the community of Maweni to  ensure the administration at Baharini is run efficiently and in order.
By joining the 2 small schools together, we now created " Hope By The Sea", and it is this HOPE we hope to keep alive with the generous help of others like you!

Today's Hope


 Our aim is to educate, inspire and create a solid foundation for this school to grow on, by providing the same opportunities to the children of Baharini that are so readily available to our own children here in Canada.

The “Hope 4 Help” organization, with the support of individual and corporate donors seeks to support 3 key initiatives. 


  • The building of Baharini Primary School as a foundation to educate the children of Kenya in a safe and positive environment.

  • The support of the Daily Food Programme, providing daily meals and the means to be self sufficient in cultivating their own food.

  • To create a vocational training outlet for older students, providing the opportunity for growth within their own community.




"OUR" Village

We would not have been able to ACCOMPLISH any of the DREAMS we saw in BAHARINI without the help of so many kind souls. These are the heroes of our life, as they FUND RAISED for children they had never even met. 

Asante Sana ( Thank you!)